Are You Looking for People?

People are looking for you!

We'll help you find your target market but more importantly,
we'll help your target market find and engage with you.

Great News For Entrepreneurs!
Marketing is Now Nearly Free
(If you don't count your own time)

The Social Networking Revolution

Just as the earth revolves around the sun, businesses large and small (especially start-ups) need to realize that everything revolves around the prospect/client. But, more importantly, those people in your sphere of influence, many of whom aren't prospects, have friends and relatives in their sphere of influence who may be!

So, When communicating on Twitter, Facebook, through email, newsletters, blogs or even a helium-filled balloon remember this; If people like, or are interested in what you're talking about, they tell others. If they don’t, they don’t. And the way people find out about things these days is through their own connected, always-on social network and that network exists online and off.

Don't be shy. You can do this!

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The New World of Email Marketing

As online advertising costs have risen, and paid search bid prices have steadily increased, email marketing has remained relatively inexpensive, It can even be free! No wonder more businesses are returning to email marketing. What's changed? Email marketers have learned to make make sure that everyone who's on the email list wants to be there, is engaged and the messages they get contain information they are interested in.

The days of emailing to lists of thousands of names collected at trade shows or other events are over. At least for the successful marketer. The absolute best lists are "permission-based" and composed of  "double opt-in" sign-ups. these are the people who have expressed an interest in what you have to say - not necessarily what you have to sell. At least, not yet.

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